Dato: 05/11/2018
Forfatter: Iñigo and Leonie

Hello everybody 🙂

we are Iñigo (from Spain) and Leonie (from Germany). We want to become teachers and are currently studying for a semester in Aarhus. We are going to VIA University College and have taken some English courses there. The courses also include an internship. The university helped us to find a school and now we are here at this Efterskole in Vesterlund. At this school we want to see how the teachers teach, but also how everyday life is. We have already watched a few lessons and appreciate the group work in the classroom, but also among teachers. This gives us the feeling of a team. Besides the lessons we also visited some other activities. Especially the gymnastics lessons in the jump hall impressed us how good the students are. But we also liked the cooking and the mountain bike tour. Living here in a boarding school gives us the opportunity to get to know the students as well as the teachers with their individual characters. We were very happy about the invitation to this school and are very grateful that we were welcomed with open arms. It is a unique experience to be part of this school. In this sense many thanks to all students, teachers, staff and especially to Anne.

Best wishes

Iñigo and Leonie