Dato: 17/11/2016
Forfatter: Malene Ringgaard



Now you have the opportunity! Cirque du Soleil is seeking new talent for their current and upcoming shows. It is therefore our pleasure to welcome gymnasts from around the world to Vesterlund Efterskole when Cirque du Soleil is auditioning in our facilities in January 2017.

Our very skilled teacher, Alexander Andreasen, has established a partnership between Cirque du Soleil’s headquarters and Vesterlund Efterskole. Alexander has travelled all over the world with the famous circus when he was an artist in the show ‘Alegria’. A show where several Danish gymnasts and former Vesterlund students, have also performed.

Some years back I trained in the cirque’s headquarters along with the current talent scout, formerly acrobat. Subsequently, we talked once in a while and I’ve shown him videos of various Danish gymnasts. During the recently held TeamGym EM, I helped him to contact the teams. He liked what he saw and that is also why he now turn the attention to the Danish gymnasts ” Alexander said.

It was also a TeamGym Championships in 2008 that Alexander himself was spotted by a talent scout from Montreal in Belgium and was headhunted for Cirque du Soleil. “It actually went a little fast. I had only just got the medal around my neck when she asked for my email and I forgot all about it until she actually wrote the week after” he says. Afterwards he sent a video of himself performing and shortly after they called and offered him a contract.

Alexander was an artist in Cirque du Soleil for five years. The many experiences such as different countries, cities, people, nationalities and cultural meetings, have made a big impression on him. ‘Alegria’ has been a fantastic experience for Alexander. “Not least to be allowed to do a show in front of so many people every night” he says, while he continues, ” I actually do not feel that I am completely finished with the circus, because I still have friends for life from all over the world “.

Finally Alexander gives a few tips for the aspiring talents.

You newer know what they expect of you. But some good focus points are to tumble nicely and show a good form. You just have to be yourself and have fun.

As mentioned earlier we welcome Cirque du Soleil and the many aspiring talents in January 2017. Do you or someone you know, feel the eager to try out this audition and maybe be the lucky one to push through and succeed?

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